Lidl |These are the Lidl bargains that you will find tomorrow in their stores

2023-03-02 01:39:24 By : Mr. Steve Wang

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Lidl |These are the Lidl bargains that you will find tomorrow in their stores

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One of the main advantages that Lidl supermarkets have is that every week they have offers in their stores.The chain's catalog is one of the most consulted on its website and in its app and that is why the most eager for discounts do not lose sight of it, since there can be many bargains.

Starting this Thursday, March 2, you will have a complete assortment available in your stores to take care of your garden and also to condition your terrace.In addition, you will have a special with sportswear from your Crivit brand, as well as different devices to practice sports at home.

The highlights of the Lidl Crivit brand are an assortment of men's sports shoes with an anatomical insole, a resistant TPR sole and a shock-absorbing EVA midsole.They have a breathable mesh outer material and a very comfortable fabric lining.You can choose between several models of different colors and they are priced at 22.99 euros.

In addition, you can get some fitness gloves with a PU-coated finish for 7.99 euros.

As for sports equipment, you will have available dumbbells (16.99 euros), kettlebell (7.99 euros), folding mat (9.99 euros), rocker for abdominals (29.99 euros) and a pedal for 22.99 euros.

The Lidl shoes that you will find tomorrow on sale lidl

We are experiencing the coldest days of winter in our country but that does not mean that we should keep an eye on good weather and how we are going to take advantage of our terrace or garden when the weather gives us a break.Also, this is an ideal time of year to take advantage of these types of offers.Thus, at Lidl you have a round charcoal barbecue for 29.99 euros and a folding one for 24.99 euros.You can also get an outdoor puff in the most original gray color for 64.99 euros and a set of pallet cushions for 54.99 euros.

The barbecue on offer at Lidl this week LIDL

Lidl |These are the Lidl bargains that you will find tomorrow in their stores

Competition Kettlebell For the more handyman and those who like to have their garden in perfect magazine condition, you can take the opportunity to buy an electric lawnmower (59.99 euros), a grass trimmer (34.99), a weed burner (23.99) or with a hot air blower and weed remover (19.99 euros).And in order not to hurt yourself while you take care of your garden, you have a work lumbar belt available to correct your posture for 9.99 euros.